TV Tours for Family Approved Products

Get into your consumers’ homes – with our TV tours for family approved products.

For the past 10+ years, Sharon has been a trusted face on television, so much so that she’s constantly invited by leading American and Canadian shows to recommend family approved products and talk about the products that kids love these days. The result? Instant brand exposure and increased sales.

Why TV Tours Work.

TV tours work because television works – over 83.7% of Internet users surveyed said that television makes a lasting impression on them and that products enjoy greater impact when watched on a large screen. But perhaps the most important part of a TV tour is choosing the right audience to expose your brand to – we choose target demographics that align with your brand, so we can keep the media buy small but powerful.

What is my ROI?

Over the last holiday season alone, PTPA hit over 19 million impressions with some segments replayed over 13 times, achieved 19 television segments, 11 radio interviews, and placement on over 50 premiere top websites.

Plus, we’re the only influencer agency that doesn’t have to look outside of our firm to generate radio segments, TV hits, and how-to videos. We can do all of this in-house.

Why invest in TV?

Television still works, and a satellite media tour combined with endorsements from a reputable spokesperson creates an opportunity for networks across Canada and the United States to get access to your products.

As more and more brands devote their marketing budget solely to online channels, TV goes unnoticed – which makes it the perfect medium for you to gain the pre-eminence your brand deserves. By targeting specific audiences, we’ll ensure that your products reach the right consumers, and get you TV exposure that works.


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