Influencer Marketing Programs for Millennials

Tap into a hassle-free influencer marketing experience with PTPA Media’s community of 3,000 content creators – from YouTube stars to Instagram mavens to blogger luminaries and other social media influencers – who will be talking about your product to their 50,000,000+ combined social followers.

From influencer selection/contracting to key message development, proofreading, and reports – we manage the entire process for you. All you have to do is sit tight and watch your impressions and engagement grow.


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Why the Influencer Marketing Works

Parents trust other parents – because it’s a profoundly relatable human experience to have a child. That’s why parents trust each other for honest insights into the products they use in their everyday lives. And that’s why they read mom bloggers, look up YouTube reviews, or search Instagram for inspiration. Our community of 3,000 content creators will give you the golden ticket to the exclusive club of content consumers.

What is my ROI?

When you use our influencer network, you generate traction for your products from the most important target demographic.
An influencer marketing campaign gets the conversation started. People are already talking about brands all over the internet through blogs and social media but now your voice can be the loudest in the room. An influencer can steer the direction of the discussion about brands, and get that discussion shared widely.

Why invest in PTPA Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is the most cost-effective way to break through the noise caused by an overwhelming amount of content. It outperforms traditional advertisements and other kinds of often-overlooked marketing. Influencer marketing is also a great way to grow your audience organically, and best of all, build trust for your brand.

You’ll track your investment by getting a report on every piece of content created for your brand, including the number of people who viewed it and engaged with it (clickthroughs, shares, etc.) You’ll be able to track the unique visitors to your site all thanks to the influencer network. Typically, in just the first month of our influencer marketing campaigns, PTPA content creators reach over 3.8 million people, all talking to them about your brand.

Reach audiences that were previously elusive

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Trusted by start-ups and fortune 500 companies, PTPA Media creates positive influencer programs to ensure you achieve the results you want.

Using our Blogger Rating SystemTM, campaign management expertise and engagement tools, we find the perfect bloggers for your influencer marketing campaign. We ensure genuine, trustworthy stories are generated to expand your brand’s reach and awareness.

From influencer selection/contracting to key message development, proofreading, and reports – we manage the entire process for you. All you have to do is sit tight and watch your impressions and engagement grow.


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Looking to increase brand awareness? Promote your product? Or help build your brand on one of the largest social networks?
Using the most powerful type of influencers (micro-influencers) the PTPA Mom Squad has a growing network of over 1,000+ real moms sharing real things that have posting power beyond traditional influencer programs.

Our approach to influencer marketing.

Step 1 - Set your objectives

Before starting any influencer marketing campaign, we first establish your goals and objectives. Any marketing campaign’s primary objectives should include awareness, engagement, sentiments, and actions.

Step 2 - Determine who you would like to reach

We work with you to select the best audience to target for your campaign. Achieving higher numbers are not our focus as the more targeted and narrow the audience, the more likely they are to convert.

Step 3 - Selecting creators

Researching and casting influencers involves finding the most talented and relevant creators for your campaign. We use a proprietary rating system to determine the best content creators for your influencer campaign.

Step 4 - Creating the creative

Creative can increase engagement, or change consumers’ attitude towards your brand and product. In other words, effective creative can take any campaign from ‘meh’ to ‘yay’! So we make sure to keep you in the ‘yay’.

Step 5 -What platforms will we use?

We help you decide which social media platforms will get you the best results for your campaign.  Each platform is decided upon based on reaching your goals.

Step 6 - It’s all in the data

With our reporting tools, we audit and measure the results of your entire campaign. Combining engagement, actions, awareness, and sentiment into one cohesive and easy to understand document for you and your team to review.