PTPA Influencer Network & Blogger Community

Sure, you can boast about having millions of subscribers or followers – but that’s a passive audience. Our private influencer community of 130,000 parents are incredibly engaged – they talk, share, like, comment, all in the name of helping other parents find the best and most trusted brands. Your brand could be one of them.

We carefully select the members of our community to ensure they’re the right target demographic, and that they already have an online following that would benefit the brands we work with. It’s like a tight group of friends who share advice, reviews and recommend products they can’t live without.


Moms and dads





Why the PTPA Community Works

When you want to break through the noise online, the best way to do that is to target a specific demographic. Our community of over 130,000 parents is engaged with the products we send them, the blogs we share, the Twitter parties we host and the social product reviews we promote. In an instant, we can unleash your product across a community of engaged users, leveraging every channel you want (social, blogs, TV and more).

What is my ROI?

You’ll find out exactly how many people in our community are writing about your product on their blogs and social media accounts. You’ll be able to track what those blogs and shares actually mean – how many drive traffic to your website. Or, track the direct impact on your sales, like our clients The Harlem Globetrotters, who tracked the use of coupon discount codes given specifically to PTPA content creators.

Why invest in promoting your product?

Because it’s your target audience, in one easy-to-reach place. You can finally get your brand in front of the most important demographic – a parent community who actually love writing product reviews and letting other parents in on the products they trust.

Blasting products blindly into the online stratosphere doesn’t work – to cut through the online clutter, you need to get the word out from the inside – from our select group of influential parents.