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The Parent Tested Parent Approved seal empowers consumers to make informed purchasing decisions & enables companies to prove their products are trustworthy.

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PTPA Media has the unique ability to create engaging dialogue and connections with millennial market that were previously elusive to agencies and brands.


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Build Trust from the Inside Out

It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? Maybe. But as companies, do people really care what we stand for? What our values are? You bet they do. And that needs to come from the top and trickle down…

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This document is filled with information on why investing in the Seal of Approval is critical to helping the future of your business.

Convince Your Boss

Convince Your Boss

A toolkit to help you address any questions with your head honcho. Questions answered in the download:
  • Why trust PTPA?
  • Why use the Seal of Approval?
  • What do brands say about PTPA?
  • What is the PTPA Guarantee?
We understand consumer behavior

With more than a decade of datapoints, PTPA understand the way consumers are changing – and what that means for your brand. This includes trends such as increasing price sensitivity, decreasing loyalty to traditional brands, and the constant search for a better, easier overall buying experience.