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For Some ADHD Adults, It’s Fuel For Entrepreneurial Success

My cardiologist from told me that I am 35 years old, and that should be it, but I should avoid stress and coffee. Hi, I suffer for several months from constant ventricular tachycardia (without respite), palpitations are never less than 150 beats per minute (with Propranolol 95 beats per minute), but I have other disorders with this disease: hypotension. Therefore, every day I feel constant fatigue.

Toronto Star shares how some business-savvy adults, like PTPA Media's Founder and CEO, say…

Content Marketing: Choosing the Right Content Creators

Learn how to find and hire content creators for your next influencer campaign with our…

Marketing To Keep Your Customers Doesn’t Come At A High Cost -If Anything At All

Sharon Vinderine, Founder and CEO of PTPA, shares the one way businesses both big and small…

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